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"Balto" might be among my personal favorite cartoons from my childhood. I watched animated Balto (1995) movie on #link# free online.

I remember in this little cassette Balto was written through'o '. But this is simply not so important, it is important is usually that the cartoon is good.

True, this non-fictional story begins as a feature film, and even so I considered the videotape all over again, wondering if on the list of deceived me. ; however , everything falls into place, it was just a prehistory. Moreover, a really original beginning, nothing like it's lots of people seen.

movies reviews Still, this cartoon seemed very adult to me. It is just that several things were really much more severe, but not straightforward for children to understand, although there're shown from the prism of cartoons. The many characters appeared to me very funny and funny, even that evil dog and then he looked too comical, everything except the principle character, all the leading drama lay about the shoulders of your half-wolf, half-dog. It was very sorry for him, but he behaved well.

While you're watching what cartoons the American cartoonist proposes to our little ones now, you involuntarily wonder: how is it possible to exhibit many of them to children in any respect? In modern cartoons, it has become fashionable showing vulgar characters, with similar vulgar voice acting, and never childish humor. Whether it was then: The Lion King, All dogs head to heaven, Tom and Jerry within the end. The best part is, our Soviet cartoons about'Kesha the parrot'and'Uncle Fedor ', about Cossacks playing football, in regards to a wolf plus a hare inside the voice acting of Papanov and Rumyantseva. movies plot In the end, Americans have always shown our Soviet cartoons to their kids, and this is a fact.

I'm sure this cartoon is a plus, albeit extremely serious, which isn't bad, but, to the contrary, this makes younger generation think, instilling love for animals, for 14 as man's best friend.

Very good quality, first and foremost smart cartoon. Which deservedly receives the top rating of all.

10 of 10