How reliable is Erie auto insurance

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I'm a 17 year old boy living in maryland and i just got my car. its a black 1995 acura integra ls and im the ONLY licensed driver in my family so the insurance policy will have me as the primary driver. I got a quote online from Erie and it said i can expect to pay $1200 - $2000 a year for insurance if i insure under minimum deductables. that sounds like a great deal but since its so cheap it sounds kinda fishy if you have Erie auto insurance or worked for them or something, are they reliable? do they jack up the rates really high after an accident? Thanks!
I suggest that you try this site where one can compare quotes from different companies:
Is auto insurance higher if your auto simply has two-doors?
In the place of four, could be not the price of car insurance secondary in case your automobile has two-doors?"

Cheap insurance n/a DUI???
Which are the very best organizations to assess for motor insurance n/a DUI on your own record???

I do want to set my cousin on my motor insurance?
A 2001 puegoet 206 is driven by me and need to include my 17-year old relative around the policy.she has a provisional licience.does anyone know what this will cost around

"Is there some kind of insurance I - can obtain for my pit bull while letting a house/suitable?"
I'm not looking for property, but I understand how hard it is to have while having a dog as well over 25 lbs and a pitbull combination! Is there a kind of insurance that I will get which will override or cover whichever it is in the commerical insurance that produces people avoid me? I have read anywhere there might be, but I really don't know what was the experience with utilizing it and what it's? Whether or not it's something I also have a brief history of getting or simply and should get today I'm wondering."

"I've a missing permit card which is also expired, although I live in Florida and am planning to get to Pennsylvania, am I covered?"
I lost my drivers license in regards to a week before, and was just delivered a notification from my insurance provider which stated that it had been ended anyway. I am presently residing in Colorado and will move back to pa-in of a week although I would just go get yourself a fresh one. My man is inside the military so I am allowed to possess an out of state license, but I am scared that as it is expired that my insurance (state farm) may not however protect me. And so I have to be sure I am protected I am driving around the world?"

Keep car insurance payment?
Consequently my car was scratched up during Hurricane Sandy, a tree, simply material flying all over the location didnt hit it. And so I told them and called my car insurance such as a good man. On going through insurance, I didnt even plan. I went and got my car separately evaluated and the repair expense was $1000. A cheaper alternative was to simply powerful the color (therefore simply displaying the several heavy scores there are) which charge about $200. I considered both alternatives,, but seriously I had been leaning towards the option. Got my car assessed by my car insurance plus they quit me a search for $3200. The insurance person didnt actually make time to describe what I am to do with the check. Must I deposit it after which have my car repaired by my technician or search for a spot they (insurance people) propose. May I keep my insurance payment and also have my car mounted anytime? What about the distinction? On applying insurance, I m not planning to produce a quick-buck, I didnt also plan. But I dont want to be dumb and not have my vehicle mounted often or throw a windfall away. I possess my vehicle, although I-do make payments on it. I have 2.5 years quit till I spend it off totally (mortgage of 5 years). What do I actually do ? Please support."

Does having a coupe or perhaps a sedan influence your insurance charges?
Really, and I am likely to get a new-car but I heard that insurance cost more because is more sporty. Can anyone help."

What are the particular insurance carrier's that cope with young individuals?
I think it is extremely frustrating to enter my facts every single time I do want to check to get an automobile that is different in the estimate... NOT select the vehicle although essentially, I want a website where I will enter my specifics so I may then select from the listing which car it is that I want and after that it show-me the quotes for every automobile... I 'm 17, almost 18 and have a UK certificate that is full at getting my first vehicle, and Iam looking. All the insurance quotes I've looked over are for more than 1,700. Most of them are about 2,500. Like I'm picking Ferrari's or anything sometimes lol I'm considering tiny run abouts, 106 's, Saxo's, Polo's it's not... Any assistance?"

Are my car insurance prices changing?
I searched for auto insurance yesterday. Nowadays I really could not remember easily I forgot a business, since I had been bored so I did them again, my quotes all went up with some, went down with others. I double checked and I did not change any data. And so I did 3 corporations within 10 units of each other, and they transformed again! I do believe they pull on quotes out-of a hat."

Do we've to cover motor insurance?
Unless you are a driver car insurance that is genuinely poor is really a joke that is complete. I am talking about many reckss does an individual get into in his life. im saying on average about a few. And when your paying 600 dollars or more every a few months thats one-thousand plus dollars per year. In 30 years you can purchase your self a mustang. It definitely makes no perception that its a legislation to get should anyone ever want it motor insurance once you can simply place 600 bucks in a checking account. I think so if we are good people or the insurance providers should provide our cash back to us every ten years"

"No insurance, im pregnant, what doctors will see me?"
I understand i can submit an application for wic and etc nonetheless i was wondering if you can find without having insurance which might be affordable within the knoxville tennessee area any that will discover me and still should go to the document asap"

Howmuch is insurance to the Morgan that is fresh?
You know the wooden car?

Insurance costs for 2004 Pontiac GTO?
I'm buying new-vehicle and nearly 18. Presently I'm operating a Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt (5 speed) and am paying $200 per month! So I need to call them back, they screwed it up it should just be $120 per month. Anyhow, I'm looking to update. I've been considering Srt-4's which are very on top of insurance, Ion Redline's aka Cobalt SS which will be cheaper compared to the Srt-4, and also have presently identified a 2004 Pontiac GTO (6-speed), label price $12,000 I will attempt to discuss them down to 9 or 10k that will be moving it despite the fact that the vehicle is nearly 8 years old. Anyhow for that minimal sum for full-coverage I merely desire to be paying no more than $250 a month. You think this is often achieved? I have consumed driver's ed and have the student discount that is nice. Thanks Guys"

Question regarding auto insurance company policy that is mobile?
And so I only got having a new insurance provider about 2 months ago. Would the insurance company coverall the expenses of a car accident should they didnt withdraw their monthly cost nevertheless, however i did obtained their pink slip of everything and the coverage range and accept a claim?"

Whats some cheap car insurance that is good?
Its costing me a butt heap of income and I have full coverage on my automobile, I've state farm. Does anyone know of a bit of good insurance companies?"

Exactly what a rough estimation of what it'd cost me to insure a fifth-wheel?
I am going to take it fulltime. It's 36 feet, purchase price: $32K (it's really a 2001 model). Everyone have concept that is *any*? Their fifthwheels is insured by exactly how many people? I am planning to have a vehicle (investing in a 2002 that's likely to need insurance also. Argh. Looking to find out what I - can manage, pertaining to trailer and vehicle (and park costs etc...) Thanks so much!"

Does motor insurance cover this.?
My freind borrowed my car and he and his father visited the mall,his daddy found myself in a car crash that has been his the car is have simple insurance does that cover my car or am i out-of a car?"

the other person quit on the world and also I was within an incident today, police came and got my info all... my vehicle IS TRULY banged-up... I've michigan no fualt insurance becuase that's all i can manage... .what that is $500 deductible does this mean? Just how much will my insurance carrier address to acquire my vehicle fixed? thanks"

"Which auto insurance firm is the better? Monthly, howmuch does one py for motor insurance?"
Which motor insurance corporation is the greatest? Monthly, how much do you py for auto insurance?"

Why is lifeinsurance bought by folks?
What sets of people purchase life insurance? Why do they get it?

First car - Cheap insurance?
NOT a little one, like fiesta, a corsa, polo. I'm planning to pay between xx- 2000. I would like something kind of saloony. I USED TO BE considering a Hyundai Car. So something like that if possible. I do select solutions that are best!"

How much does life insurance price?
I have protection forever insurance through could work. My fiance dosent. He's twenty years old. Simply how much could lifeinsurance cost a month for him?

I am 18 and need car insurance.?
I am 18 and am about to purchase a new vehicle. I'm still under my mother's insurance, but am about to get off of her insurance. I'll probably end-up buying a clunker vehicle it doesn't cost significantly. Here's my concern: Do auto-insurance companies allow drivers to acquire off their parent's insurance coverage and acquire among their particular? Our mommy isn't quite cooperative about investing in motor insurance. I must acquire my own personal insurance. She'll NOT work. Can this be expensive? About changing the plan, how might I go?"

"Just how much could insurance and a car payment be described as a month to get a $ 40,000 car?"
Im turning 16 so ins. Will not be less. Thanks
Help With Car and Residency Insurance?
If my mother lives in Arizona and I livein Nyc and my car is in her label and so will be the insurance and that I am just a driver around the vehicle then if i alter my residency to NY and she continues in arizona will it be a concern? I've my car with me in NY (planning to school) however that does n't be known by the insurance. Could i alter my residency to newyork withouth being forced to change the vehicle insurance that I'm merely a driver and whether it's under her brand? Anybody clarify please because im paying the butt for tuition out because I am 'outofstate' even though im not just since my mom doesnt need to mess with the insurance

How reliable is Erie auto insurance?
I'm a 17 year old boy living in maryland and i just got my car. its a black 1995 acura integra ls and im the ONLY licensed driver in my family so the insurance policy will have me as the primary driver. I got a quote online from Erie and it said i can expect to pay $1200 - $2000 a year for insurance if i insure under minimum deductables. that sounds like a great deal but since its so cheap it sounds kinda fishy if you have Erie auto insurance or worked for them or something, are they reliable? do they jack up the rates really high after an accident? Thanks!
I suggest that you try this site where one can compare quotes from different companies:
Could my parents and their car insurance add me together for an opportunity time frame?
I'm about to carry on a-road journey and I was wondering whether or not it's feasible for my parents to include me with their insurance so I - can use their automobile to get a week, and whether it'll be cheaper like that than to rentacar (I'm 24). They've American Family Insurance."

Simply how much may an extended lapse within my auto insurance protection charge me (an average of) after I attempt to get inusrance again
And by after all between 6-12 weeks.

Car insurance?
What are the automobiles which are really cheap to guarantee? I've at many but insurance continues to be not quite low, how do i understand that will be lower-than others?"

Would Jesus need health care for ALL americans?
Or could he be concerned about the Large insurance providers not to be able to take on a selection?

Will My Parents Insurance increase?
I'm a driver, got for speeding, got slapped with a several other seats, was questioning will my insurance increase stopped
Jeep wrangler Insurance rates?
Does anyone have a wrangler? Im looking at purchasing a 2007 this year and would really like up a heads about insurance costs."

Could insurance to get a vehicle cost not than insurance for an SUV that is little?
I am contemplating purchasing anything of the nature, or a CRV. If insurance is usually larger on that kind of automobile, I am wondering."

How much may my geico car insurance rates go up after an accident?
Currently pay about 1 if I've had a number of incidents in decades previous. I just had a very minor fender bender by which I suffered no injury however the other car (a BMW) got 2 scores around the back. Just how much could I assume my insurance costs when this really is all reported, to go up?"

How will my insurance premium be affected by this traffic solution?
I'm a secondary driver on both my parents' vehicles and on my men bike. For doing 117 in a area while wanting to go slow moving vehicles nowadays, I used to be provided a solution. Anyhow, I am 19 yrs old and also this is my solution; how will my insurance charges be effected by this ticket from an specialist upon restoration?"

"In Colorado, would my mama's car insurance cover my car?"
I dwell with my mama in Florida and we have vehicles. I just purchased mine lately under my mommy's name and both quarry but do-no own it protected. My mother comes with insurance however. I got in just a little fender bender a couple of days ago however I obtained a citation for lacking my own vehicle protected, when the report got recorded. The reason to request my car is under her title also and here is, if my mommy has auto insurance, could her protection plans me, thus leaving the citation emptiness?"

How much does it charge to include a person on r insurance?
I wondered how much it'd cost to include somebody with their permit to ur car insurance, this dont need to be a precise number merely and average number. If any of you realize plz I want to know cause I'm looking to determine this out, cheers to your support."

Motor insurance difficulties?
And so I have a tiny scenario with my vehicle insurance firm, so heres the deal, I purchased an automobile a crazy before, it was on my friends label and I was co-signer, we had a nsurance and anything, however it smashed, I couldnt drive it, therefore we ended insurance, why pay if it doesnt travel? then I refinanced it and shifted on my title, I didnt inform the financial institution the car is damaged, but they wished me to show them proof insurance, that I went and acquired, because Im likely to deal this car in and acquire new one, and that I don't have any problem paying for new-car, however now insurance firm wants me to deliver them a proof of prior insurance. Therefore my advanced wouldnt rise, what can I tell them? Can I inform them that the car was just acquired by me? Because technicly It continued my name lately. Im lost"

Evidence of insurance Florida?
I had my car mounted and for some foolish reason I pulled at all my paperwork from the automobile. Well, for not having my proof insurance I got pulled over oneday and was specified. (Foolish, I know.) The cop explained demonstrate to them that I used to be protected through the time I was stopped and I recently needed to go-down towards the courtroom and was pleasant. He explained the wonderful will be at most of the 10 bucks. Nowadays I get my notice of help plus it says that when I present evidence of insurance, I - can get the bail reduced to 756 pounds! Am I scanning this right? Thanks"

Is there better insurance than Medicare?
I am 65 and in good health... greater health insurance is needed by.I than Medicare. I actually donot wish suplemental insurance besides Medicare. If anybody knows of something better I would want to ask!"

Will my liability car insurance policy another automobile?
Alright, hence my car's wheels aren't working pretty well. So it kept at a look. Meanwhile, my mom's vehicle is being driven by me. But its not protected. Will my insurance policy her vehicle if anything? I have a home in condition of Texas."

Insurance pricing variation with car models that are distinct?
Hi men- Recently I have begun to look for a-car (my first, as I am a new driver), and have a problem for the more capable. I have been looking at issues like '04 Jettas Infiniti G35 's. I am aware that my era, sex (guy), and insufficient experience are likely to immediately affect the buying price of the insurance. But my issue is, what will be the value distinction between something such as an '04 Volkswagen Jetta and an 04' Audi A4? Both appear to be within the same group of car, but perhaps Audis have if you are nice, a a bit more status. Have roughly the same usage, they are equally appreciated roughly the exact same, and guess there is not major efficiency variation between the automobiles, what will the variation in insurance costs be and just why? How is it possible to give a hard notion of what I could assume to me? Cheers in advance!"

Is their anywhere that can calculate auto insurance's typical price without facts?
I simply want to estimate the average charge for motor insurance with no inconvenience of setting up my personal facts being that it'll be at least 2months until i get my licence."

Would like to get a life insurance coverage?
Hello everyone I know there are guidelines for yourself or spouse, but am hoping to get a policy on my brother. Are there procedures outthere for siblings of course, if you've any extra information it would support. Thanks
Just how long does a speeding ticket influence my insurance in MA?
I got in a current (minor) incident and was shocked at how much my insurance is certainly going up. Plus it keeps there for 6 years. Add that to a few speeding tickets which are currently there, and it becomes an incredibly high-rate -- specifically considering that my vehicle is so aged and worth so tiny, I'm going to be spending half what it is worth in insurance annually. Once I talked with my insurance agent about just how much it would increase, I stated that at the least the speeding tickets will be leaving shortly. She disagreed. My tickets are both over 2 years old already, and I thought they'd come my insurance off in 36 months. She claims it's 6, similar to the crash. I would like another source to check on, and am having trouble obtaining it. I'm currently in MA."

How to locate an automobile that'll have cheap insurance?
Hello! Im an 18-year old gentleman thats going to begin as always, and driving the case - insurance is a MONSTER. Im likely to get a car or truck and i genuinely don't worry about the looks aslong because it functions good! For that'll lower insurance value just wondering what I will look? Age etc, small-engine? Cheers:)"

How can I manage car insurance?
I'm under-25, and I'd like to obtain a cheap car. Over A6 month time, the insurance will not cost far less compared to the vehicle itself!! Therefore will there be to getting a car a place?"

Just how much would I be function by a VW beetle that is used up? How about insurance?
I'm planning to be 17 this nov and that Iam working this summer to save up to get a vehicle, a beetle ultimately. I'd enjoy it in a light green or orange...convertible possibly:P-I'd like since the beetles are ugly it used. Stick-shift is ok. How much wouldn't it cost me...if it had been state, a decade old AND .convertible and non -convertable...and how much would insurance maintain their state of NJ? I got so i believe that might be a discount an A on my prepared examination in people ed. Likewise, what's the gas mileage... over a stick plus a no stick. Cheers! :)"

Just how much might an '89 Mercedes 300e price for insurance?
So a very good deal has been discovered by my father in really good condition on a likely auto for me. It's really a 1989 Mercedes Benz 300e. You think that since this can be a car that is 22-year old that it'd be a ridiculous amount to guarantee due to the Mercedes marker? Or do you think it could be afforded by me with a job? My insurance carrier would be allstate on acquiring people ed, and that I plan. Assistance?"

Term Insurance vs Lifetime Insurance?
1. What's the distinction between whole-life insurance plan and a phrase insurance? Which plan would work for what type of people? 2. What are the exceptions for period insurance policies i.e. demise as a result of some reasons (for e.g. Destruction) that will not entitle for insured sum? What're such reasons that are other? 3. Does term insurance cover death as a result of terrorist attack, death or natural disasters?"

"What's of getting a tooth yanked the common price?"
I may need to have a tooth ripped and maybe a filling. Does anybody know this usually costs? I do not have insurance. Likewise, do supply obligations or money? They have to-do a creditcheck if provided might? I do not have excellent credit?"

How reliable is Erie auto insurance?
I'm a 17 year old boy living in maryland and i just got my car. its a black 1995 acura integra ls and im the ONLY licensed driver in my family so the insurance policy will have me as the primary driver. I got a quote online from Erie and it said i can expect to pay $1200 - $2000 a year for insurance if i insure under minimum deductables. that sounds like a great deal but since its so cheap it sounds kinda fishy if you have Erie auto insurance or worked for them or something, are they reliable? do they jack up the rates really high after an accident? Thanks!
I suggest that you try this site where one can compare quotes from different companies: