Environmentally Friendly Boilers Use Gas With A Mix Of Shell And Fiber

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The use of palm oil eliminating waste as boiler fuel is starting to be of interest to Oil Palm Boiler Companies This opportunity has been read by the Oil Palm Boiler Brand which is capable of producing boilers with fuel palm shell (shell) and fibers (palm fiber).
For the palm oil Market commitment and adherence to sustainable oil palm cultivation practices is not only applied in plantations but also in palm oil Mills The conception of recycling palm oil waste in strong and liquid forms has been applied by oil palm plantation organisations for the last few years. The Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer is one of the boiler manufacturers with the “Takuma” brand that uses palm waste in the form of a shell and fiber.
Abdul Lail, Marketing of the Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer defined that palm oil waste was not initially the main fuel for power plant boilers because it still uses fossil Energy But along with the increasing price of fossil oils such as diesel and coal, boiler gasoline has begun to switch to palm oil waste, which is a renewable energy.
Now, palm kernel shells (shell) are no longer waste as they used to be. But it now it has turn into a commodity that is traded, recounted Abdul Lail to the Indonesian palm oil magazine
According to Abdul Lail, the boilers produced by the Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer are designed to use fuel with a blend of shell and fiber produced from the palm oil mill, and can also use 100% shell.
The advantages of using this waste, which is fuel for Takuma Boilers, are used for power new release and processing in palm oil mills (PKS) and other industries as a renewable fuel (Biomass). This application is in line with the manufacturer motto "Maintain Global Environment with Takuma's Earth - Friendly Technology.
Abdul Lail gave an example that there were already four 15 Megawatt power plants using the Takuma Boiler. The portray of the four power flora is in Medan, North Sumatra.
Another advantage of the Takuma Boiler, according to Abdul Lail, is that in terms of waste and exhaust gas that occurs during combustion, especially in power Flowers it is very small. That is why, Takuma Boiler is environmentally friendly because it uses renewable fuels.

With the increasing cost of fossil fuels, principally petroleum, Takuma Boiler continues to make improvements to its merchandise so that they get more efficient Items in accordance with the needs of shrink back for power era in palm oil mills which were on the whole low pressure and temperature and now use pressure and greater temperature so that the turbine is more successful and the electric power generated is Stronger "Thus, the use of fossil fuels (oil) for power New release principally in palm oil mills (PKS) can be Evaded he said.
asitor eka karya participated in planning the power needs of a palm oil mill (PKS) with a smitten by of 45 tons of FFB per hour in an space where there is also a refinery, Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and a soap factory by relying on electrical power from the palm oil mill. which uses the Takuma Boiler with fiber and shell gas so that it can retailer electrical power attraction by up to 50%.
Abdul Lail gave an representation that getting one kilowatt when using a diesel or generator expenses around IDR 7,500-IDR 8,000. It is different if you use a shell, it will be more cost Valuable around Rp. 900-Rp. 1,000 per kilowatt.
The Oil Palm Boiler Brand was built in 1951 and started from a small workshop called "Bengkel Andalas". Since 1972 it has been using the name of the Palm Oil Boiler Brand and in 1982 started to produce Boilers with the brand "TAKUMA" under license from Takuma Co., LTD - Japan. The Oil Palm Boiler Brand is situated at Jalan Karo No. 2 - Medan, North Sumatra with a workshop positioned at Jalan K.L. Yos Sudarso KM. 9 - Medan, North Sumatra. The main market for gross sales of Boilers for Palm Oil Boiler Organisations is currently focused on clients in Indonesia.
In general, the install of 1 boiler unit in the field is discovered based mostly on Capability For example, for a smitten by of 45 tons of steam / hour, it is typically divided into six months for fabrication and erection at the site of approximately 5 months apart from transportation.
After sale
Understand that boilers play an important role in the operational activities of palm oil Mills Oil Palm Boiler Firms strengthen after-sales service by starting a Customer Service Department consisting of educated Group of workers The project of this department is to serve Consumers if there are proceedings in terms of operation. amount the total number of worker's of the Oil Palm Boiler Company is ± 850 people
As a company that is situated Domestically the Oil Palm Boiler Brand has readiness to provide spare parts so that the delivery of goods is on time. Abdul Lail explained that the availability of spare parts is very important so that the palm oil mill does not lose hundreds of millions per day if there is a disturbance in the boiler.
Not only that, field visits were also carried out to provide working towards Practicing and briefing of Takuma Boilers. "Even notwithstanding there are no calls, the customer service team regularly visits palm oil mills that use Takuma Boilers. Our training also helps maintain boiler operation, Said Abdul Lail.