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She demonstrated her craft by making a grain of rice (sans the cheap jewelry) for us for free. We spent at least 20 minutes in the tent and even sold some other visitors on getting their names on rice. Then we left without buying anything.

In picking the jewelry pieces, you will need to keep in mind that it must be functional, wearable, and elegant at the same time. When you have considered these points and considered the choices that you have online, this will lead you to the perfect gift that you are looking for.

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Here's a great way to be a hip Mom. This mothers' bracelet is personalized by forming Mom's name through the alphabet blocks. It is made of colorful beads and stones with sterling silver outlines.

Pendant necklaces come in a huge array of prices as well. High end fashion designers offer styles from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands range, while the budget minded shopper can find a sterling silver style with cz gemstone in the $20-$100 range.

Name Necklace Designed with a simple and delicate chain, these necklaces have the name designed right in the middle on the necklace. You can get crystal, gems and stones embedded in the necklace to give it extra sparkle and elegance.

In getting name necklaces, you can get in as simple as you want but if you want it with various additions that can be as well. To make it more personal, you can add your birth stone with your name on its pendant. You can also get a heart shape pendant and engrave your name in it. If you wish to show off the names of your spouse and kid, you can get a triple pendant with your name, your spouse's name and your kid's name.

Personalized bracelets are also fun as gift givers choose what kind of band they would like it to have. Engraved names are put on sterling silver IDs and linked to a numerous variety of bands such as silver chains, leather, rubber, cable, and more.

In terms of personalized mothers' necklaces, Mom has various favorites. You will notice that her favorites still include a part of her family. Moms love personalized necklaces because she can have all the name of her family members and loved ones near her heart all the time. You know how devoted a mother can be towards her family. She can forget about her happiness as long as the she can provide for her family's needs. The same is with single mothers.