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George Clooney seems to grow artistically. His acting choices are apt to be envied, prompting a closer looking at any new film in which it appears, or at which the sign. The latest picture with his participation, "Michael Clayton" is not a masterpiece, and is not worthy of laurels half of which fell on him. But it's hard to deny the brilliance and mature approach to the subject.

 The title of Michael Clayton is an experienced and recognized lawyer, but his numerous successes did not translate into a powerful position in the law firm where he works. For years there fully shade the same role. His job is to prepare the ground for ordinary lawyers, experts in a particular field. Before they arrive, they, literally Clayton cleans up after customers, arranges uncomfortable, often balancing on the edge of the law, the case. His work is done without problems, in cold blood, and conviction about their skills, until one day, his bosses make him take a friend from the office. Arthur Edens many years represented the great companies producing chemicals, which often lay the lowly life at stake. In the end, he could not stand the pressure, collapsed ... and stripped naked during interrogation. The task is Clayton mend his good name, and hence - the company in which they work. Typical legal thriller? Only apparently. Tony Gilroy's directorial debut indeed at first glance does not seem to say absolutely nothing new. Ba !, there will be some who accuse the film of tuzinkowość. Once again we are dealing with the American phobia against big corporations that use poor citizens, which, in contrast to companies can not afford a herd of excellent lawyers. In this case, the corporate strings intriguing plots and pulls cold and ruthless lawyer Karen Crowder. But the story's chief operating after the trough in it, is not so mediocre and narrated "nothing new", its fresh approach to the problem proven in the cinema, takes on a whole new tone.

 World Gilroy's three main characters are two sides of the coin, that "Michael Clayton," reveals without further ado. This is one of the biggest advantages of film - getting to know Michael, Karen and Arthur, we learn about all the pros and cons of what they do and who they are. Their actions, their effects, and even the principles that guided the, viewer are presented with equal determination.

Thanks played great character traits become very human and realistic, you can not say about the competing legal thrillers, where he appears in starring idealists, they seem like out of this world. Gilroy convinces the viewer of the two-layered world in which he lives Clayton: on the one hand beckons luxuries, power and position, and on the other frightens and repels the necessity of selling out the soul to the devil. Those who have not yet done so, most likely they will do it soon, otherwise they drop out of circulation. That's what I understand, Michael, when he would have to choose between loyalty to the company and his friend. Clooney in the role of Clayton is surprisingly creative expression, resigns from bravado in favor of restraint and balance.

And this is the right key to his character - a silent, a little frustrated, but walking on the ground hard, "legitimate villain." On the screen, co-starring Tilda Swinton as Karen, an excellent Tom Wilkinson, Sydney Pollack and firm.

With a real talented constellation of stars, the director does not have to worry that something on the plan will not succeed.

He could focus on narrative, which, moreover, it is worth a closer look. Intimate, focusing on just three or four characters, story is told mainly through flashbacks intelligently assembled, and a distorted chronology, although it was to be feared, not fool anyone.

Contrary! Gilroy skillfully, with a sense of rhythm and form, building a picture of the events of those few days in the life of Clayton.

 Meticulously drawn stout man lost in contemporary reality, in which the questions: "Who are we?" fall more often, fits into the framework of genre cinema, if nothing else worked for years. "Michael Clayton" is a thoroughbred, balanced thriller, in which you can see the hand of the trilogy screenwriter, "The Bourne" - skillfully staged tension, great, building a dense atmosphere, cool pictures, draw the viewer on less than two hours to release in the final of the awakened conscience and a few more questions.

Here is what is white, and black.