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Engagement ring s have come a long way from those early Celtic rings in the middle ages. The women's tradition began with all the ancient Greeks, when the practice was considered romantic sowhen a symbol of womanhood. When of Queen Victoria's reign, jewelry from the New World was even being imported to England, but it really was not until the mid-nineteenth century that the importance of a diamond ring was recognized.

Oncethe engagement came, the soon-to-be wife wore the ring as a part of her very own costume. In her own homeland, she held the stone in hands and raised it to the heavens as being a signal towardsthe groom that they were engaged. Itwas considered a lucky omen thatthis couple ended up being to be wed. As being the wedding date approached, as well as the future bride would now supportthe stone in a single hand and set it on the man's ring finger to seal the deal, the ring began to be noticed as an indication of the couple's relationship.

Modern days simply have brought more changes. Today, some couples go with a classical engagement ring (
婚約指輪); but other couples have prefered the countless available choices today, like those that include gemstones, includingthe diamond or perhaps the cubic zirconium, pearls or even the pink amethyst or any other natural gems.

Whenselecting the stone design, the weddingcouple must take into account the individual preferences of the person getting married. They need to also take into consideration their own style and preference too.

In past times, a bride would make a choice from precious metals including gold and silver after which opt for smaller diamonds, thatis loved by younger brides. Today, a lot of couples are choosing engravings as opposed to diamonds or a mixture of diamonds and gems, or they can choose a larger stone.

Should you prefer a ring, you should also picka setting thatmatches the stone you decide on. By way of example, a sapphire could go in the heart of a smaller diamond, instead of the smaller side of a larger diamond.

You need to keep in mind that there are two varietiesof settings: those that you can put on your own ring andpeople that you need to place on another listof rings. The former of these is regarded as a solitaire setting. The second, referred to as a set, usually includes one more band of diamonds or a solitaire setting flanked by gemstones that can be set in a setting such as a solitaire setting.

With the amount of choices withinthe design and measurements of a diamond, an diamond engagement ring (
婚約指輪) which will be an unexpected forthe soon-to-be husband can be hard toget. In addition there are different shapes and sizes available, such as the round cut, the emerald cut, marquise cut, pear, cushion and oval. You can even selecta simpler choice say for example a prong, flat, cushion or simple band.

The kind of metal you choose can be another big factor in deciding on a ring. Itcan affect the fee for the ring, as well as the colorof the metal and also the weight.

Another huge factor may be the design. For those who have aconcept at heart forthe design, itcan enterinto play a lot when picking a ring. Whether you choose abasic cross or even a stunning design such as a heart, it will only come into play inregards time to choose the metal.

The fashion and model of the ring will also be ahuge factor in picking out a ring. There are a number of styles likethe solitaire, round, heart and band. According to the design, you can even providean engagement ring (
婚約指輪) created to suit your specific needs.

Whenchoosing engagement rings, understandthat therecommendations on this page is meant to serve as a guide only. It is far from a replacementfor the recommendation ofyour expert jeweler, who may help you pickthe perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancee.